Who We Are

Jubilee Royalty is an Oil and Gas Mineral Leasing, Purchasing, and Management company headquartered in New York City. Jubilee is led by Tim Kotzman, a seasoned landman and acquisition specialist, with 13 years experience and $200M+ in successful acquisition transactions. We leverage our strong industry and broker relationships to organically source opportunistic acquisition packages.

Led By Experienced Oil & Gas Professionals

Team & Advisors

jubilee history

Tim Kotzman begins acquiring Oil & Gas leases in the Appalachian Basin, assisting in several phases of land work including: Lease & Mineral Acquisition, Right of Way Acquisition, Due Diligence, and Project Management.

July 2015 - July 2019

Potomac Mineral Group, 1836 Royalty Partners and Austin Royalty Partners are formed to organically source minerals and royalties in the Appalachian, Permian and Eagleford basins.  These teams of over 70 employees and contractors complete the acquisition of approximately $150MM of assets in several shale basins.

July 2019

Jubilee Royalty, a mineral management and acquisition firm, is incorporated and based in Manhattan.

January 2020

Jubilee Fund I is formed as a private equity fund to acquire minerals and royalties.

January 2021

Jubilee’s first private placement offering, Jubilee Fund I, is oversubscribed and closed.

Present day

Jubilee Royalty II has been formed as a 506(c)3 offering, targeting opportunistic mineral acquisitions.