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Jubilee and her partners have been in the business of staffing projects since 2005, thriughout the US, with a particular focus on oil and gas, wind and pipeline. In 2012 through our subsidiary offices in India we began our first international efforts to increase our own cost efficiencies through backoffice operations in Bangalore. Today, we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest talent anywhere in the world and for all natures of projects, whether through our headquaters in Freedom tower, or through our field HR ofices in Bangalore, India, Kathmandu, Nepal and Manil, Philippines. Our values, when it comes to manpower projects are straightforward: "deliver high performance to the clients, but treat the woker fairly. If you can balance these two things, then your relationships will last for a long time."

Our Team

Our Team
Led by Experienced Human Resources and Project Management

The Jubilee Royalty Advantages

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