The Jubilee Difference.

Jubilee Royalty provides exposure to producing wells at a favorable discount. The fund allocates to a diversified asset pool providing yield + upside through exceptional lower-middle market aggregator opportunities.

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Disciplined Mineral Investing

Jubilee Royalty engages in strategic mineral and royalty acquisitions in major basins throughout the United States.



Jubilee focuses on top producing oil and gas basins within the continental United States. Areas of focus include: The Permian, Eagle Ford, Anadarko, Barnett, Haynesville, and Appalachian basins.



In a niche and ever-changing marketplace, Jubilee leverages its strong industry & broker relationships to organically source opportunistic acquisition packages.


Yield + Upside

Jubilee strategically targets low-risk, high-upside assets with cashflow and a focus on future production.

Who We Work With

Jubilee has historically supported large operators and producers, and has capitalized on these past relationships to improve fund performance. The team also has extensive relationships with parallel mineral aggregators, many of which have been leveraged to support the goals of the fund. By purchasing with a line of sight to production, and partnering with proven teams, Jubilee is able to capitalize on the efforts of hundreds of talented acquisition specialists.


Our management team is experienced in buying mineral rights and royalties. Our partnership with a well-funded, diversified capital source ensures that we have the resources to move quickly to close your transaction whether you’re selling a small or large asset. We believe Jubilee’s technical assessment of the productivity of your resources will determine a competitive price for your mineral rights and royalties. If you're interested in selling your mineral property, let us know.


With Jubilee Royalty, our investors are accessing some of the most diversified and strategically packaged mineral portfolios in the industry and it all begins with our disciplined acquisition strategy. Over the last 5 years, our land team has sourced, evaluated, and engineered more than $200 million in high grade mineral assets. Our evaluation metrics maintain a strict “fly or don’t fly” model. This underwrites our ability to purchase the strongest, most suitable properties for our family of funds.

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