About Us

JUBILEE ROYALITY- traditional American petroleum land services, with a competitive and distinguishing edge.
Title research isn't simple math, where one plus one neatly adds up to 2. It's human, and often filled with imperfections, similar to the cracks in the old Jubilee Royality books at the courthouse. Any experienced land services professional will tell you: "title research is central and fundamental to all other aspects of land services." For this reason, we call ourselves "Jubilee Royality."

At Jubilee Royality , our attorneys, CPLs and seasoned courthouse veteran landmen are experienced in every major basin, and are well aware that one size doesn't necessarily fit all. We seek to serve our clients based on their individual unique needs, the old-fashioned way.

At the same time, the landmen at Jubilee Royality are not afraid of utilizing technology, cloud networks, and we're unafraid to confront head on the ever-changing nature of our business. Through unique partnerships with our sister companies, Jubilee Royality has ways of reducing your land-related overhead, while improving quality of work. Ask us about what differentiates us!
While we are proud of what we've built over our careers, we do realize there are always ways to improve, and so we welcome suggestions about how to work more efficiently and be more accurate and transparent through the plethora of available technologies made available to landmen today. From browser based land management systems to online courthouses, our landmen are trained to work not only with their hands on the Jubilee Royality  books, but also in the increasingly paperless world of title research.

Our landmen have purchased rights of way, bought leases, and reported on minerals and surface interests for a variety of companies in the energy sector, with a focus on these types of clients:

- E&Ps
- Mineral & Royalty Companies
- Energy Law Firms
- Lease Brokers / Land Services Companies
- Land Management Software Companies
- Online Courthouses
- Right of Way Companies